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Stuff about my chalk art adventures…

Art | December 16, 2014

Two Ways – A Chalk Art Story

Scared In Sunday School Chalk art has become a very large part of my story.  For the better part of my life I have thought of myself as an artist. […]

Chalk Art | August 25, 2010

Excerpt from my Notebook (from 8-7-10)

“God’s calling then, is to communicate Him. He is the truth, therefore I must radiate truth. God is love, therefore I must radiate love. God is beauty and holiness, therefore I must radiate beauty and holiness. God is enough, therefore I must radiate contentment. These are all things that I cannot do with my hands, it is only the Holy Spirit that can perform this amazing communications feat. He is my eternal place of rest, therefore I must abide in Him and He in me or my life is vain.

Art | January 31, 2010

The Fruits of the Spirit

This was a fun chalk drawing to do. If you look the red part of the watermelon is heart shaped. That is where the talk started- the condition of the […]

Chalk Art | May 31, 2008

Fear and Faith

On a good day when everything is going well I would tell you, if you asked me, that fear was sin. If you asked me the same question on a […]

Chalk Art | March 12, 2008

A Message to Carry

While working at the auto parts store the other day a number of men were discussing the usual politics, weather, and women. They overheard me telling my boss that I would be […]